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Sound & Lighting Support

Sound & Lighting Support

Strings Etc. has a large inventory of equipment to provide sound and lighting support for our ensembles. When Strings Etc. provides your entertainment, we can also provide microphones for announcements, lavaliere microphones for the ceremony so your guests can hear your vows, and speakers to fill almost any venue, inside or outside.

Strings Etc. uses only top-of-the-line equipment from manufacturers including QSC (powered speakers), PreSonus (mixers), Sennheiser (microphones, wireless systems) and Chavet (LED lighting systems).

Contact us with your event details to discuss how we can save you money by combining audio and lighting support with your entertainment.

Outdoor Events Can Be Troublesome

While no one can stop the weather, there are a few issues that can be eliminated with the use of technology. While a traditional string group often performs without amplification, there are times you have to raise the volume to reach a large crowd or overcome outdoor noise such as water flowing or winds.

While others will set up microphones to amplify their musicians, Strings Etc. uses only the latest in electric pickups that do not utilize microphones. Open microphones not only amplify the musicians, but also amplify wind noise and other sounds that occur near the stage. Strings Etc. does not have issues with wind or other sounds as our pickups amplify ONLY the instruments. String instruments must be played slightly differently when using pickups to achieve the highest quality sound. Our musicians have rehearsed and performed for several years using pickups at weddings, special events and on-tour with numerous acts in top venues.

No Power At Your Special Location?

Some locations are perfect for that special day, but are too far from electric power to utilize lighting or audio support. Strings Etc. can help. We can provide a small generator to power our sound and lighting systems. We place the generator far away from your ceremony, but close enough to power speakers and LED lighting so your guests can hear and see your special event.